The name of the book is Criminal justice Ethics Theory and Practice

In Chapter 15 of your textbook, the author discussed various factors that shape and determine our style of ethical inquiry, including feminist and masculine factors.

Please develop, while using outside sources, your own set of personal questions you might ask yourself when confronted with an ethical dilemma or situation and share them with each other.

An interesting one is the Bell, Book, and Candle. This system suggests that you ask yourself three questions before making a decision in an ethical situation:
Bell – Does the decision or action sound right?
Book – Does the decision violate any written laws, rules, or policies?
Candle – How will the decision look when exposed to the “light of day,” or public scrutiny?

Each student is expected to have created and shared an ethical questionnaire that is simple and easily remembered to help the learner lead him/herself to ethical conclusions as each of you begin and/or continue your work in the criminal justice system.