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Example attached. The reaction paper will be based on your reading of an original peer
reviewed source on an early childhood(infancy) developmental topic of your choice. I require that the papers be based on your reading of a peer
reviewed source and not newspapers, newsletters, web sites, popular
magazines (ex., Newsweek, Time, Psychology Today), the course text
book or non-edited articles/pages from the web. After reading and
studying your source, write a summary (80-90%) and your reaction
(10-20%) to the reading. Structure your paper by introducing the
source read and including a thesis statement that identifies what
the body of the paper will review. Write the body to reflect the
topics identified in your thesis and conclude your paper with a
reaction to the reading. The reaction paper will be graded on
1. Peer reviewed source. Is the paper based on the reading of
a peer reviewed source related to the subject of the course
(0-2 points)?
2. Thesis development. Does the paper develop a clear thesis
statement that effectively organizes the body of the narrative
(0-2 points)?
3. APA referencing. Is the source cited in correct APA format
in the narrative, with a correctly formatted APA citation at
the end (0-2 points)?
4. Writing mechanics. Is the writing clear, organized, well
structured (i.e., sentence and paragraph structure),
grammatically correct and free of spelling errors (0-2
5. Reaction. Does the paper conclude with the writer’s
critical reaction to the reading (0-2 points)?

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