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pick one topic to write on. do not use passive phrases. book name: “with the old breeds” by E.B. Sledge
1. Sledge chose some very descriptive titles for each of his chapters. Choose 3 of the chapter titles and discuss why he named the chapter that way. What did it add to the text? Why do you think he chose that title?

2. How did Sledge change throughout the story? What were his thoughts at the beginning as compared to the end? What specific experiences during the war had profound impacts on him? Did he change for the better? Why or why not?

3. Sledge made a very good friend in Shelton. How did this friendship affect Sledge during his time in the combat zone? Was he a better soldier because of it? Why or why not?

Preferred language style   Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)
”with the old breed” essay