• Using and interpreting supporting primary source evidence, discuss & explain the important contexts, supernatural beliefs, and coincidental situations which help explain the “witch craze” of the 16th & 17th centuries.

A strong answer will:
-Explain the contexts of vulnerability/misfortune of this period, and how this related to various beliefs, coincidental circumstances, and assumptions of guilt that could lead to witchcraft accusations against certain individuals.
-Support your main points with analysis of well selected primary source evidence (around 3-4 examples).
As stated, you must use primary sources in your response. This means that you should support your main points through analytical interpretation and explanation of specific examples of primary source evidence that we have seen in lectures.
-The essay should be brief (approximately 2 pages on MS Word; double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman) and should have the same structure as a normal essay:
-Brief Introduction that fully answers the question and specifically outlines the topics to be covered.
-Supporting paragraphs that interpret/explain specific examples of approx. 3-4 primary sources to back up and explain your thesis. Be sure to include historical reference information for each source, e.g. author’s name, title of work (if included on the relevant slide), and date.
-Conclusion that summarizes your answer.

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