Class: HR Management Perspectives in Training and Development
Instructions: Respond to each question separately. At least citation for each question.

Question 1
This week, we discussed three key areas of training: onboarding, diversity, and harassment. Has any of these areas been a priority for training in your organization? If so, which one(s)? Why do you think your organization considers this training a priority?

Question 2
Read the article Two Cultures Collide: Bridging the Generation Gap in a Non-traditional Mentorship (Merriweather & Morgan, 2013) at’ target=”_blank”> What can organizations learn about diversity and cross-cultural mentoring from Dr. Lisa and Miss Berta’s story?

Merriweather, L. R., & Morgan, A. J. (2013). Two cultures collide: Bridging the generation gap in a non-traditional mentorship. The Qualitative Report, 18(6), 1-16. Retrieved from

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