Gospel Overview Essay (500-750 words) – 10 pts. (Due: October 30, 11:59PM): Email to Dr. Kemp

Based on your reading of Ephesians, Simply Christian, the Cape Town Commitment, and “What we mean when we say it’s true” imagine a reader outside of the Wheaton College community and express the narrative of the Good News (the Gospel), using biblical and theological language that is consistent with historic orthodox beliefs. You should include the essentials of the gospel message—including God, salvation, and the Christian life—while using scripture passages and theological language. Also, don’t forget the important part that the Old Testament plays in our understanding of how God is working in the world. You want to craft a deep, rich overview of the Gospel that focuses on more than simply individual salvation.

Make sure to always cite specific page numbers from your sources (that is, anytime you make a claim about the gospel). This, I predict, will be the area where most students lose points. All of your claims must be grounded in the texts; the final document is a synthesis of all the texts. A work cited page is not necessary, though please note the text you’re taking information from with a parenthetical citation. Example: Christians place deep value on the Word of God (CTC, 19).

The Gospel