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The goal of this assignment is for students to develop strategies to decrease health disparities among racial/ethnic populations. Students will construct a12 page strategic action plan (does not include the cover or reference page). They will start by defining health disparities and inequities (historical context), discuss factors that may lead to these disparities, in addition to current state, federal and local policies designed to address them (including the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the IHI (institute for Healthcare Improvement) Triple Aim). Most important, students will identify a specific ethnic population in the United States for which he or she will construct a strategic action plan focused on decreasing health disparities and inequities among that specific population.
For this assignment, students will include at least 12 peer-reviewed journal articles (no more than five years old) to validate and support his or her arguments, thoughts, and opinions, in addition to the three textbooks. Students should use the following as a guide:
Format: 1” margin all around, cover/title page, running header, main and subheadings (within the paper), in text citations, and a reference list.
Order of content/point distribution:
• Start with an introduction and end with a conclusion
• Define health disparities and inequities
o Historical context
• Discuss health behaviors and factors that may lead to health disparities and inequities.
• Discuss current state, federal and local policies addressing health disparities in the U.S.
• Identify a population in the U.S. for which you want to focus, include a brief background, why you choose this population, why is it of particular interest to you, etc.
The population that I have identified is Asian/Pacific Islander
• Discuss how you as CEO of a health care organization would address health disparities and inequities for this particular population (mission/vision, goals, strategies, action).
• Define and recognize health disparities among minority populations.
Discuss health behaviors that may lead to health disparities and inequities. (CLO 3).

Preferred language style   Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)

Strategic Action Plan for Addressing Health Disparities and Inequities in the U.S.