The Pastoral Executive Summary will have these main parts:
A. An introduction explaining the purpose of the document.
B. A summary of the book, highlighting the main ideas, supporting the points with relevant quotes/statistics. Focus on the facts/themes of the book. (2–3 pages).
C. Offering your own commentary on the book, give a critique focusing on the main themes and giving a biblical analysis of the main ideas (are they scripturally supported?). Content is thoroughly analyzed using point comparisons, raising questions, and/or criticizing with supportive evidence and is scripturally supported (1–2 pages).
D. The paper will include an application of the book, focusing on ways the ideas can be implemented in the youth ministry and the larger church. Choose 2–3 main ideas and develop the benefit of these concepts to both the youth ministry (why you want to implement them) and to the church as a whole (why the pastor should read the book and consider it). Include drawbacks to the approach in your congregation. (Potential areas of pushback). (2–3 pages).
E. A conclusion of why the pastor/leadership team should or should not read the book.
If you are not working in a church, hopefully you are attending a church. You can picture this going to a youth pastor, if you are a volunteer, or the supervision pastor if you are on staff.

• 6-10 pages, not including the Title page, table of contents or Bibliography
• Turabian format, 12-point font, and 1-inch margins. It must include a Title page, table of contents, and Bibliography section. These do not count towards you page count.
• Minimum 5 footnotes and 5 citations
• Acceptable sources: textbooks, popular press books and research articles
The book thats needed is attached. I will add the money for the book on Kindle. Please follow all directions
The six pages dont include title and bibliography page
Please add scripture

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