The paper will include these sections:
A. Introduction
B. Give an explanation of spiritual formation and the main way you will build disciples in your ministry, include a description of a ‘growing teenage disciple’.
a. Define spiritual formation, explain the process (Fowlers stages)
b. Apply spiritual formation to a teenage disciple (paint a picture of a growing teenager)
C. Explain how you will be encouraging “sticky faith” in teenagers through strengthening the family and connection to the larger church.
a. Explain your philosophy of engaging parents and the importance of other adults in a teenager’s life.
b. Explain why parents need to be involved in the spiritual growth of their kids.
c. Give a plan of engaging parents (optional ways for parents to be involved) in your ministry.
D. Conclusion

• 4-6 pages, not including the Title page, table of contents or Bibliography
• Turabian format (current edition), 12-point font, and 1-inch margins. It must include a Title page, table of contents, and Bibliography section. These do not count towards you page count.
• Minimum 5 footnotes and 5 citations
• Acceptable sources: textbooks, popular press books and research articles

Spiritual Formation