Investigate whether your target country welcomes foreign businesses and is open to international trade. In particular, consider these aspects:
Trade environment: How easy is it to trade with your chosen country (see in particular your country’s world rank in ease of “Trading across borders” from the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business survey)? To what extent is trade free of government protectionism (see in particular your country’s score on “Trade Freedom” from the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom)? Has your chosen country signed Free-Trade Agreements (FTAs) with other countries, in particular the USA?
Investment climate: Does the country welcome foreign investment? Discuss your country’s world score on “Investment freedom” (Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom). Is your chosen country considered attractive to a foreign investor (see AT Kearney’s survey)? How much foreign direct investment exists (FDI stock and FDI inflow)?
Local support for investment: Identify the U.S. Commercial Service and the local U.S. Chamber of Commerce (aka “Am’ Cham”) in your chosen country, and the service(s) they offer that might be helpful to your project