The instructions are attached and i also screenshot them if it makes it easier. The assignment is due by 11:59 pm EST thank you.

23 Sep 2020 22:23

Have to use the book i provided in the attached as a reference on chapters 7 and 8

Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 Assignment DUE Thursday September 24th 11:59 p.m. (75 points).
Using Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 and external research to support your answers; please complete the following as a word document using APA formatting.

1. Describe the major assets for insurance companies. What are the major sources of revenues for an insurance company? (be sure to fully explain while citing your sources) (15 points)

2. What are the major reasons that insurers are regulated? What areas are regulated? (Be sure to fully explain with support) (30 points)

3. What are current issues that exist in insurance regulation? (use both the textbook and external research). Identify TWO articles that you found that discuss current issues within insurance regulation along with information from the textbook). (30 points).

Please submit as a word document, APA formatting and works cited page. You document should be formatted with topic headers and be minimally THREE (3) full pages of content not counting works cited.

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