Find The Fraud—Crack the Case
The news is filled with financially fraudulent fiascos and some of the most high-profile, high-stakes cases are handled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI has more than 2,000 accountants on its payroll. While some focus on more conventional finance and accounting functions, even more use their accounting know-how to investigate financial crime and help put bad guys behind bars. It’s a tough job, but fascinating.

Research a financial fraud case that the FBI solved that interests you. Does not have to be current. This can be an old case. Not sure where to start? Try or Once you have identified a case, answer the following questions and be prepared to share your answers with the class:

1. Describe the basic details of the case. What was the crime? When did the
crime(s) occur? Where? Who was involved? What was the outcome?
2. Why was the FBI involved vs. local police?
3. Why would accountants be essential to solving this case?
4. What ethical dilemmas may the accountants involved in this case need to
5. List 3 accounting skills that the accountants involved in the case would have
needed to demonstrate to succeed in solving this case.
6. If you were assigned to this case, what would be most challenging about working
on this case? Most rewarding?

Minimum 500 Word Count.

Do not forget the citations of your resources.

Research a financial fraud case that the FBI solved that interests you.