Reflection Write-Ups: (600 words each – approximately 2 pages each)
These are meant to be critical reflections on secondary-source class readings.
Each write up should include:
• Summary of the article/chapter being discussed
– What is the topic? (time period, place, people/individuals, themes, etc.) under discussion. The title usually provides some initial
clues here, but you should obviously go beyond that.
– What is the central question that the author is trying to answer?
– What is the author’s final conclusion? (the answer – thesis – to the central question)
– How does the author go about doing supporting the thesis? What are the key pieces of evidence presented or analytical methods
• Assessment/Analysis of the article/chapter being discussed
– What has the author done well/poorly and why?
– This should include an examination of evidence and argumentation, logical coherence of ideas and arguments – both their clarity
and organization, theoretical framework, and method of analysis.
– You should also include 1-2 questions of your own questions to help analyze the article/chapter question. Some suggestions.
You can pose questions that you feel the author might have or should have addressed as part of their study. You can also ask
questions about specific elements of the article/chapter that you found problematic. Finally, you can ask questions that build
upon aspects of the article/chapter, but which left you wanting to know more.

I have attached the secondary source