23 Oct 2020 21:05

Please make sure you use the Uma reading quite a lot as it’s the most important reading (of course use 8 sources but focus on the Uma reading). Please ensure that it is evident that the readings have been completed because the purpose of this essay is to demonstrate that we have done the readings and please pay close attention to the weekly goals as these goals will guide u in using the right terminology. Do not be broad please be as specific as possible to the readings and goals provided.

• Emergence of the concept of “development” in the 1950s
• Different phases of mainstream thinking about how to achieve “development”
• Critical perspectives on “development”
• Situating “development” in relation to the advent of neoliberal globalization; review of features and effects of neoliberal economy
• Learn the different “women and development” paradigms (WID, WAD, GAD)
• CEDAW; UN Women’s Conferences; Beijing Platform of Action
• MDGS, SDGs and UN Women; “gender mainstreaming”
• 21st century: market-based social enterprise models of women’s empowerment
• Runyan and Peterson’s key critiques of mainstream approaches to gender equality
• Analyze how gender operates as a system of power


also there were a lot grammar mistakes and parts that need some wording adjustments so just go over the essay once again and make some edits. I put the essay through Grammarly and there were 102 grammar and sentence structure mistakes.


23 Oct 2020 08:21

Choose TWO of the following questions. Each answer should be approximately 800 words in length. Answers must draw on content of readings that I will provide a list of.

I am unsure which reading goes with which question but it should be fairly standard to figure out (most questions will say who the author is)

I have provided the questions. you must choose TWO questions from the 7 questions. I have crossed out question #4 & #7 so DO NOT do those

I have also provided a list of all the necessary readings & films. You can find this all on google by copy-pasting the links provided.

For example if a question specifies which authors reading it is referring to obviously you must use the reading, but ALSO DRAW ON OTHER RELEVANT MATERIAL FROM FILMS AND OR OTHER READINGS.

this assignment is to see whether we understood, acknowledged and actually did the readings so please be as detailed as possible in demonstrating the material.

I have also provided the GOALS for week 1-3, so you must try to demonstrate the understanding of these goals by drawing on the material I provided.

DO NOT USE any outside sources that I have no provided on the list.

So for each question (use the reading that is intended for the question) and also use another reading that relates to the material As well as the films that will be a great asset

Reading Responses