I have attached the reading as well as some of my notes that I could not finish in time.

* This should be a reflection NOT a summary of the readings.

Professor Instructions (Please read thoroughly):

Read Jim Al-Khalili’s book The House of Wisdom chapters 15 and 16 (Canvas) carefully and actively.
Instead of summarizing the chapters, I’d like you to reflect on both chapters. One paragraph each for the two chapters. Some questions you can use to think with for examples are: What role did the second translation movement play in the dissemination of Arabic knowledge? What are your thoughts on the status of science and Islam today? (Note that these are not the only questions you can use. You can formulate your own questions).
In short, don’t summarize the chapters! Reflect on what the author tells you in those two chapters.
Upload your polished draft to Canvas. By now you should have mastered the techniques and strategies to produce a good written reflection.
Don’t forget to cite. (Last name of authors, year of publication). Don’t worry about the page number because the electronic version does not have page numbers.

Reading Reflection – Chapters 15 & 16