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Question 1: In chapter 1, Read the “Gig Economy” Case: Uber (and Lyft) from Boise to Burlington: Does Regulating Uber Protect Entrenched Businesses or Citizens? Policy Analysis in a Transformative Economy. Choose either Vermont or Idaho Case and conduct a stakeholder analysis (worth 4 points). You can answer the following Parts a&b in brief (5-6 sentences):

Part a. Identify many interests in the case and how will you use the stakeholder analysis? Which view of power and democracy shaped your stakeholder analysis? For example, what groups did you include or exclude?

Part b. What different narratives are being told by the stakeholders? How do narratives help you understand competing interests and how can they be used in stakeholder analysis?

Question 2: What is the importance of evidence in public policy analysis? What are the different methods you can utilize to collect the evidence for the policy analysis? Illustrate with examples. (worth 2 points).

Question 3: In recent times, school shooting has been a rampant public problem in American public policy context. You are advised to develop a short policy statement to Broward County’s School District for Public School Safety. (worth 4 points). Include the following in your policy statement:

a) Have there been any major school shootings in the recent past in Broward County School District?

b) what is the past/present policy on school shootings in the Broward County School District?;

c) who is the primary audience to make and implement the policy?;

d) what is your proposed policy and what criteria you used to arrive at your proposed policy and why?; and,

e) what will be the anticipated costs associated with your proposed policy?

Question 4: Based on the Criterion of Efficiency, the City of Indus-Valley has to select any one project as the best policy option between the following projects A, B, and C. Please suggest which project would be the best policy option for the City of Indus-Valley. The data for projects a, b, and c is provided in the attached excel sheet. Please provide the complete step-wise calculations either in the excel sheet or the word document for this question (worth 15 points).

Project A. A bridge takes five years to build, then yields a $50 Million (M) benefit per year for the next 10 years. The benefits are received at the end of each year. Assume that the costs are spread out evenly over the five years (i.e. year 1 to year 5) and are paid at the end of each year.

Project B. Temporary classrooms for schools yielding $50M benefit per year for five years. The benefits are received at the end of each year. Assume that all costs are paid at the end of year 1.

Project C. Tax breaks per year to a foreign auto manufacturer for a new auto plant yielding a $ 20 M benefit per year from the tenth year for the next 5 years. The benefits are received at the end of each year. Assume that all costs are paid at the end of year 1.

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