Use the information about the Psychological Effects on Chronic Pain in Chapter 9 in the text, and the articles and videos provided in Canvas to write a two to three page essay about Psychological Effects on Chronic Pain.

You are free to write more than 3 pages and you may use other sources, however, you must cite the text and some of the articles and the videos provided. The better your essay, the higher your grade will be.

These are short essays so may not need much formatting, however, if you cite sources I have not given you, use APA formatting. There is a module in Canvas that contains information about APA formatting.

Hint: While writing, formatting, and spelling are important in writing these essays, I am grading primarily on content as well. Therefore, the more you cite the text and materials provided as you write, the better your grade will likely be. Adding additional research material may help your grade was well.

Here are some videos and articles provided in Canvas to add to the information you find in the Chapter 9:

Article: Eliminating Stress Brings Pain Relief

Article: Managing Chronic Pain: 11 Coping Tips

Article: 6 Surprising Ways to Cope with Pain

Video: Introduction to the Gate Control of Pain

I have additional PDFs, however, I am only able to upload 3 with this initial submission. I will attach the others once I submit the order. Thank you.

Psychological Effects on Chronic Pain