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Assignment Tasks
Analyse the options for the Cyprus CSP project and prepare a report (2500 words) recommending the best course of action.  Check the report writing guidelines for detailed advice about the format.
This assignment is worth 80% of your module mark.
It should include the standard sections:
• Summary (including key results and recommendations)
• Analysis (with sub-sections for each component of the analysis, e.g. schedule, finance)
• Conclusions (with clear interpretation for management)
• Appendices (tables summarising results, e.g. milestone dates, should be included in the main body of the report but full printouts of schedules should be placed in appendices; each should have a distinct title and be numbered so that they can be cross referenced from the main text)
Where there are any ambiguities or a lack of data, make sensible assumptions.  Record your assumptions in full.
The report should include:
• Project network plan and a schedule analysis estimating key dates for each option
• A financial appraisal of each option
• A sensitivity analysis exploring key uncertainties and their effects on the project
The report should fully explain your analysis.  However, you should also submit one MS Project and one MS Excel file providing details of the analysis of one of your options.  These additional files may be used to clarify your analysis if necessary.

Put your Student Registration Numbers and names on the first slide (since presentations are not anonymous, names can be used).
Assignment marking criteria
The assessment criteria is listed below.
1 Schedule Analyses
• Project network: has a project network been constructed and clearly presented? Has the project network analysis been used to compare options?
• Resource constraints: has the concept of resource constraints been used in constructing the network and analysing options?
2 Financial Appraisal
• Financial model: has a clear financial model been constructed and clearly presented?
• Has the concept of NPV/ IRR been fully understood and used to compare options?
• Sensitivity analysis: is the financial viability dependent on key assumptions?
4 Additional Ideas -What are the major limitations of your study? How might you develop the study if time and data were available?
5 The Report – Logic and structure; clarity of writing; use of tables & graphs

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