Managers implement control systems in order to ensure that individual goals are aligned with
organizational goals (Eisenhardt 1985). This is necessary because the individual goals of employees are
not always in sync with the goals of the organizations they work for. Thus, a control system is defined as
“an organization’s set of procedures for monitoring, directing, evaluating, and compensating its
employees” (Anderson and Oliver 1987, p.76). In other words, control systems are used to monitor and
reward personnel in order to gain assurance that the personnel are working towards a common interest.
Within a sales context, sales force control systems align sales force productivity and behavior with
organizational priorities.
Equipped with the above knowledge, you have been hired by Buffaloes, Tigers, and Volunteers (BTV)
as independent consultants. BTV is a small start-up company that sells business-to-business products.
Surprisingly, BTV has seen tremendous success in the past couple of years, but this is only the beginning
of their ultimate potential. Part of this success has, by and large, been due to a relatively small salesforce.
In order to continue their growth trajectory, the managers at BTV recognize the need to hire additional
salespeople. At BTV, managers like for their salespeople to not only focus on customers, but to work
diligently with other members of the organization (e.g., engineering, purchasing) in order to maximize
efficiency. However, in order to ensure that the salesforce continues to meet and exceed company goals,
the managers recognize that it is important to put in place a formal control system. The problem is that the
managers at BTV all have engineering backgrounds and do not have the slightest clue on how to best
proceed. Your task is to provide BTV (which is what they are paying you for) with your expert advice
with regards to what they need to do. You will provide them with a feasible recommendation via a professional memo. Utilize the attached article by Anderson and Oliver (1987) draw on the article provided. However, only “one” solution should be provided.
Professional Consulting Memo Assignment