Find a Primary Source regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis and analyze it.

• The goal of this assignment is to help you get a solid start on analyzing a core primary
source for your research paper
• To help you get words on the page (drafts, notes, essay) that you can reuse in your
research paper

• Choose a primary source that you think will be particularly useful to your research paper
• Do a close reading and analysis of the document. (If the primary source is longer than 5-
10 pages, choose an important 5-10 page chunk to focus on.)
• Analyze the text, context, and subtext of the document. See Antonova chapter 9 to help
you understand what we mean by “text, context, subtext” and how to analyze them. (
• Pay particular attention to aspects of the source that you find particularly confusing,
weird, or interesting. (i.e., why did that make sense to the author! That’s so
strange/confusing/wrong-headed). Would resolving your confusion help you (and your
potential readers) better understand the time and place you are studying?
• Use Chicago-style footnotes for citations.

Primary Source Cuban Missile Crisis