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Topic: The Effect of students doing activities during school such as athletes vs non athletes and student that participate in school activities and those that do not. This paper need to represent how these activities effect them later in life. Politics of Education. Your research paper must focus on some aspect of the politics of education or educational policy. Please submit by the due date indicated in the course syllabus a research proposal organized into sections that provide: 1) a clear introduction which sets the context and stage for the work you plan to carry out; 2) a clear and concise statement of purpose; 3) the specific research questions that you will address in the paper (NOTE: These questions should flow directly from your statement of purpose; 4) a brief discussion regarding the significance of the research (i.e., why is it important to do this study); and 5) a statement of methodology, i.e., what steps do you intend to take to implement your project? A preliminary bibliography of materials which may be used in the term paper. A minimum of ten (10) peer reviewed scholarly journal articles is required in the final paper. YOU ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO BEGIN THE REVIEW OF LITERATURE SECTION OF YOUR RESEARCH PAPER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. A handout on developing the literature review will be available on Blackboard soon. Getting Started Begin by identifying a general topic area. Next, formulate clear and concise research questions that seek both descriptions and explanations of the matter under consideration. (Be sure to ask a “why” question.) An important issue to consider at the outset is unit of analysis. That is to say, what unit (e.g., individual, local, state, or federal level, group, etc.) will your research focus upon? Finally, explain why your research is significant. In other words, what will be the utility of the findings uncovered? For example, will the research contribute to solving some problem or issue faced by people and/or society? The following approaches and techniques can be used in the development of your research: 1. Comparative analysis studiagnes 2. Case study method

Politics of Education