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A peer-reviewed research journal article is to be read and summarized in your own words. You must also, clearly communicate how this article relates to what you have studied in lecture or lab (depending on which class you are registered in). If you are in lecture and lab you must do two different projects.

You can choose articles from the field of mechanics (motion), energy, waves, astronomy, or thermodynamics.

Several acceptable articles can be found by using the e-databases at the college library of your choice. You might also find acceptable articles from scholarly e-journals that are online but be careful many times these articles must be purchased.
Several students have also found acceptable articles at HINDAWI (Links to an external site.) You might also try using the ArXiv mobile app that is freely available in the Google Play store or the iTunes store. Look for the logo below to make sure that you have the correct app.

researcher app logo

Your article (not your summary) must be a minimum of 15 pages long not counting the references

If you do not get an article approved, you can still do the project, but be aware that there could be point deductions beyond the 20 points in the Article Choice category. You could get a zero on the project if your “article or source” is not approved, and any one of the following:

Your “article or source” does not meet the required length of 15 pages not counting references

Your “article or source” is not on one of the topics listed above
Your “article or source” is not from a peer-reviewed journal

The summary is to be a minimum of two pages in length, typed double space in 12-point font.

Preferred language style   Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions)
Physical Science- Energy