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Individual Assignment
The individual written assignment is a case briefing, and the case subsequently will be discussed
in class. The case briefing will be due by 8 am on the date of the schedule class discussion.
This case briefing requires you to focus on the key priorities in a particular competitive situation,
and then effectively communicate both your analysis and recommendations. In essence, your
report is to be an executive summary that a consultant might provide for senior management,
along with several supporting exhibits.
As you write your case briefing, it is important to be specific about the issues, analysis and
recommendations for senior management, rather than simply offer vague generalities. A
suggested format is:
• Overview of the major issues. Why are these the most critical?
• Brief description of specific problem.
• Analysis of the organization’s operations. Multiple levels might need to be considered,
ranging from individual activities to the broad organizational objectives and strategy.
• Recommended action plan. Also briefly describe the most significant risk to your plan,
and why.
• Exhibits. Detail your supporting qualitative evaluation, process diagrams, or quantitative
calculations. (Please note any assumptions). Exhibits must be clear and well-labelled.
The report is to be a maximum of 750 words (pdf format; please use double-spaced text, 12-
point Times Roman font), plus any exhibits. This assignment is to be your independent work and
cannot be done in groups or use external sources. Given that we will be discussing the case in
class, the penalty for late submission is significant. The penalties are: after class, up to 3 days =
25% reduction; beyond three days before the final presentation = 50% reduction; beyond the final
presentation, a grade of zero is assigned.

Operations- Individual Assignment