An argumentative analysis or “Guided Tour” essay consisting of primary and secondary sources. The primary source [Norton Anthology of English Literature] is utilized to choose an interesting author their works and other selected texts & is used as reference for two other (secondary) sources for support. For this essay, I chose to look more into the 17th Century metaphysical poet, John Donne. John Donne’s works can be found in the primary source; Norton’s Anthology of English Literature (book 2: the 16th & 17th century). As such, you’re just taking something you “learned” (a new perspective, some historical context and/or any other knowledge) about John Donne. With backup being from two other sources that adhere to whatever (argumentative/comparative) thing about John Donne. As noted in the instructions attached below, you must use JSTOR for the 2 secondary sources. If you do not have access to JSTOR however, another database such as Google Scholar will suffice. Note that “SWA 3” will be mentioned a bit in the instructions document. Don’t worry about this, it was just something assigned to us to establish some sources. No other context is needed other than what’s included in the document but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. Thankyou!
Norton Anthology