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Please answer each of the ten questions. All of the information is contained in the course textbook. Your grade will be determined by the accuracy of your answers as well as your spelling, grammar, etc. You may use your course textbook to find the answers to the questions. Please be complete yet concise with your answers. Please just numerated the answers, Thanks.
I will upload chapter 15 file for the answers – textbook Terrorism and Homeland Security, 9 th Edition Jonathan R. White Belmont: Wadsworth, 2017.

1. Define civil liberties and human rights.
2. List three provisions of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
3. What is the USA Patriot Act? What does it stand for? Why was it passed?
4. Explain Titles lll, Vl, and Vlll, of the USA Patriot Act.
5. What is the first amendment to the United States Constitution?
6. What is a roving wiretap?
7. What is an enemy combatant?
8. Define the tern “militarization” as explained in chapter 15.
9. What is a field contact?
10. What is a military tribunal?

Module 3 Textbook Review