Hi dear writer, in my English class, all students were assigned to interview someone, any subject related to broken English. I would like you to do it about my father Carlos Cruz, a person that has always tried to learn English, when he came to the US 5 years ago, he felt happy because this language has always been his favorite , since a very young age he listened to disco music, most of it American music from the 70’s and 80’s . He’s a person that even if he pronounces a word wrong, he practices and practices until he gets it. His dream is to speak English perfectly but for an adult person of 55 years old, it is more complicated to retain some words. Since I was a little girl, he encouraged me to learn this important and international language so I could have more opportunities in terms of work, and somehow I achieved it. For this essay we are supposed to put quotes from the person we are interviewing, but I want you to be creative and write quotes as if you were me. This would be one of our drafts for the midterm, here down below I am attaching the instructions we were given. Please follow carefully and if you have any questions please contact me.