Ibn Tufayls cosmology in Hayy Ibn Yaqzan
Essay Prompt: After reading the excerpt from Hayy Ibn Yaqzan, a novel written by Ibn Tufayl in the 12th century ( 1100s ), and the single page of biographical details about Tufayl, consider how Hayy (the person about whom the text is written in) explains the world.

Write a 750-word essay on Hayy’s cosmology. How does Hayy understand the world; what methods of inquiry does he use? How does Hayy reach what he believes is truth? Do his scientific methods change depending on the subjects he explores and studies? What does he mean by Cause? In what ways is the interconnectedness of his cosmology important, and what difference does such a holistic view make?

Ibn Tufayls cosmology in Hayy Ibn Yaqzan essay instruction:

1. Please address these questions in a well-organized, thesis-driven essay of approximately 750 words ( or – 10%).
2. You are not expected to research this, but rather to read the excerpt closely and provide an interpretation that squares with what you’ve learned from the McClellan and Dorn Science and technology in the world history textbook. If you do use any sources (including quotes or ideas from the textbook), please cite them properly in a recognized citation system (e.g, MLA or Chicago style).

Ibn Tufayls cosmology in Hayy Ibn Yaqzan essay writing assignment.

A citation generator is available at http://www.citationmachine.net. Further information on citation styles is available at https://www.library.cornell.edu/research/citation. If you have questions, just ask. Chicago style tends to be the usual citation style for historical scholarship, but there are numerous exceptions.


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Ibn Tufayls Cosmology in Hayy Ibn Yaqzan


Ibn Tufayls cosmology in Hayy Ibn Yaqzan 750-word essay