Hello, this is the criteria for my assignment below:

For this assignment, you will put together a Professional Portfolio. This portfolio should be professionally prepared, even in the “draft” format. The below list of items must be included in your professional portfolio. All work must be typed. The portfolio must be submitted as one PDF file to the appropriate assignment submission folder in Canvas.

Section 1: Cover Page section, which includes the student’s full name, career title or student status, and professional picture. [1 page]

Section 2: About Me section, which includes professional information about the student (educational background, employment history, professional goals, etc.). This section may also include personal information if the student desires (not required). [1-2 pages]

Section 3: Resume section, which must be up‐to‐date, and kept to two pages total. The resume should be tailored to employment in the health education/promotion field. [1-2 pages]

Section 4: Sample of Work section, which should include a professionally prepared assignment/project that demonstrates your skillset. This can be a past student assignment or something completed for a job. It is preferred, but not required, that the work sample relates to health education/promotion. [1-3 pages, or more if needed]

NOTE: If you do not have any recent work (within the last 1-2 years) to include in the portfolio, I will allow students to include a 1-page explanation for what you plan to include in this section as you complete the HEB MS program. The explanation should include the type of assignment (ex: professional philosophy of health education from HSC6037; planing project from HSC6318; evaluation project from HSC6712; theory paper from HSC6603), as well as a short description of how the assignment will demonstrate skill mastery.

Section 5: References section, which must include three professional references. A complete reference listing includes the following: full name (including credentials), employment title and company name, phone number with area code, email address, and a statement explaining the capacity in which this person knows you. It is recommended that at least one of the references be from UF-HEB. [1 page]

HSC6037: Philosophy and Principles of Health Education PORTFOLIO