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Strategic Planning Group Project (100 points): The objectives of this assignment are to become familiar with the strategic planning process, to experience working in groups to identify problems and develop solutions, and to understand challenges faced by those in rural areas to provide competitive, quality care. Students will work in assigned groups to develop a strategic plan, identifying key factors necessary to keep a fictional rural hospital moving forward successfully in today’s competitive market. Students will use the four steps of SWOT analysis discussed in the attached reading (Chapter 5: Strategic Planning and SWOT Analysis) to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities for success, and threats to achieving the goals identifies by a rural healthcare operation. Who are you? While general characteristics of the rural healthcare facility are outlined in the attachments (Rural Health Networks, and Rural Health Characteristics and Barriers), your group should provide some additional detail to describe your fictional facility, including size, clinical services, finances, and general demographics of the community served. There are many rural health care facilities nearby that could be modelled, this is a great opportunity for you to become familiar with a rural area near you. Groups will meet (web-based as needed) to discuss the issue, and determinea strategy to address the following question: There are barriers to providing adequate, quality health care in the rural setting. What strategies will your hospital develop to remain competitive? Please organize your time carefully. Deliverables must include a group-prepared, power point presentation that outlines the SWOT analysis employed, and a well-structured plan, including key factors necessary to keep the facility on track. Also note, there is a discussion portion of the assignment which will be graded separately: Discussion 3 (50 possible points). The third graded discussion will be (team) guided discussions addressing assigned strategic planning topics; thedate is listed in the course schedule. Members of the group will discuss their problem, and strategic approach to the problem. Teams should include at least 3 question prompts to facilitate feedback. This should be conversationalin nature and respectful. Grades will be determined based on quality and NOTE: Please after the PowerPoint: write your discussion on the topic that you chose address the strategic planning problems that you identify or stated in the PowerPoint in , two or three paragraphagns. As the requirements says:in section 2