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HealthCare Systems:

Which Healthcare systems is the best?
The knee jerk reaction would be, well my country of course. Reviewing the 4 models of healthcare I came to believe that Canada does have a highly effective healthcare model both with funding and delivery. While our population is just over 35 million, 2/3 live with in 100km of the US/Canada border and the remaining 1/3 are spread out over 9 million square kilometers. 1 Given our small population and geographical size, when compared to other countries like Europe or Japan, ensuring equal access to Healthcare whether you live in Toronto, Ontario or Sachs Harbour, Nunavut is a significant challenge.
Canada is a mix of publicly funded, provincially run and private delivery systems (non-profit). 2 Majority of the funds is through Federal income tax of its citizens, but the remainder is by provincial transfer payments. The have provinces (eg. Alberta oil rich) transfer payments to the federal government which gets distributed to the have not Provinces (eg east coast provinces). Each province manages the needs of its population and geographical challenges. Physicians and hospitals are private entities that bill directly to the Provincial health care system.
Canadas health care is portable across the country, universal for all its citizens and accessible regardless of the 13 different health plans within the provinces or territories. 2 While there are issues with wait times for elective surgeries, when urgent care is needed it is there regardless of whether one can afford to pay. Like all health care systems, Canada can improve and is striving to decrease wait times and increase access to all. Looking to other countries healthcare delivery will aid all countries in effective healthcare delivery.

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