please write 1000 words as an answer for each question so the total is 4000 words not more considering :
o Text should be justified
o 1.5 line spacing
o Character size 12 point
o font, Times New Roman,
o 1”margins.

The following points must be applied to all your essays.
(1) Input your research.
(2) Create an example where you will apply the principles. (Application)
(3) The wow factor of research (something new and creativity).

the following questions for the essay :

Question 1
Identify and explain a new market anomaly that consistently offers abnormal returns.
(1000 words)
Question 2
Explain the effects of four asset pricing models on the WACC of a firm.
(1000 words)
Question 3
Discuss whether there is an optimal capital structure for the REIT market.
(1000 words)
Question 4
As an advisor to Abu Dhabi Global Market, explain how they can use environmental finance to set up a
new financial instrument.
(1000 words)

Financial Case responses