Addiction Paper (80 pts) – Students will write a 4 page paper (not including a title page or the reference page) in APA style (using your book and other resources as needed as cited references in the paper and in the Reference section) on Addiction after viewing one of the following movies:

1. Flight (2013) Denzel Washington

2. Half Nelson (2006) Ryan Gosling

3. Clean and Sober (1988) Michael Keaton and Morgan Freeman

4. 28 Days (2000) Sandra Bullock

5. Leaving Las Vegas (1995) Nicolas Cage

6. Basketball Diaries (1995) Leonardo DiCaprio

7. Requiem for a Dream (2000) Jared Leto

8. Trainspotting (1996) Ewan McGregor

9. When a Man Loves a Woman (1994) Meg Ryan

10. Things We Lost In the Fire (2007) Halle Berry

11. Smashed (2012) Aaron Paul

It is your choice which movie to write this paper on. The following topics MUST be addressed regardless of which movie you pick to watch.
1. Brief summary of movie
2. Personal reflection of watching the movie
3. Discuss which model for explaining the etiology of Addiction (ch.1) you believe in after watching this movie.
4. Discuss the different types of addiction found in the movie (ch. 2, 3).
5. Discuss whether or not the addicted character(s) have a comorbid/co-occuring disorder (ch.9). If so, explain how this affected the character throughout the movie.
6. Explain and discuss which type of treatment you believe would be most beneficial to the addicted character(s) (ch. 8-12).
7. Explain how addiction affected the addicted character’s social/familial relationships.

Final Exam Essay