****NOTE… I am a Christian but have. not read the Bible in full. I am currently moving from one state to another and cannot read all the required literature to write this.
So, please write it in a scholarly format please, but in the context that I am venturing into this journey and somewhat new to all the writings.

This is all about how Exodus and Deuteronomy fit within the overarching story of God’s work throughout history.

This first week, we will explore the nature of the entire biblical story from Genesis to Revelation. Our textbook, The Blue Parakeet, will help us see that only when we have a view of the entire sweep of Scripture can we begin to understand the particular stories that we will study in Exodus and Deuteronomy.

We will also take a first look at the nature of the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy themselves. In particular, we will consider what kinds of information we need in order to understand what the text meant to the original audience, and then we will begin to ask how we can understand and apply the meaning of the biblical text to our lives today.

Reflective Journal Entry – Personal Orientation
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Assignment Overview
The journal is a record of reflections about your own experiences, attitudes, opinions, and feelings in relation to the material and within the context of the themes we are examining in the course. Each entry should explore the content of the week’s topic in relation to your own experience and academic knowledge. The entries are to critically engage with the resources and dialogue provided in the course.

Assignment Instructions
Reflect on your current relationship to and understanding of the Bible. Select two or three quotes or ideas from the course readings or resources and reflect on how they are helping to spur new thinking in your approach to the Bible.

Assignment Scope
Submission at least 500 words
Written in Times New Roman font
Written in 12 point font
Paper is double-spaced


Read Exodus 1-10 from the NRSV Bible
Read chapters 1-5 from The Blue Parakeet to prepare for this week’s discussions and assignments.
read “Exodus” from Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch

Watch The Bible Project: Overview: TaNak / Old Testament

Recommended Resources:
The Bible Project: Genesis 1-11 Overview [00:07:42]
The Bible Project: Genesis 12-50 Overview [00:08:08]

Exodus and Deuteronomy fit within the overarching story of God’s work