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Topic & Genre: Evaluate the quality of a text, visual, or film about Las Vegas, OR, if you can do so during the quarantine, you could also evaluate a service, organization, or product from a local, Las Vegas company or organization. For example, you could review a local museum’s website, an article about Las Vegas (or some aspect of life in Vegas), an ad for a local college or university, a restaurant (in-house dining or delivered food), an article in a local publication (like Desert Companion or Vegas Seven), a book about Las Vegas (fiction or non-fiction), or movie about some aspect of Las Vegas life. You may not review the same thing you analyzed for your Analysis Essay. NOTE: If you choose a movie or work of fiction, one of your criteria should relate to the authenticity of the portrayal of Las Vegas. ALSO, if you choose a restaurant or business, it cannot be a national chain that has locations across the country. It must be unique to Las Vegas. So, don’t evaluate Denny’s. Instead, evaluate Jamm’s or The Egg and I or Hash House A GoGo. Don’t evaluate Star Nursery; evaluate Cactus Joe’s instead.

Evaluation essay on the movie “Ocean’s Eleven” 2001