How would you know whether advertising effective? What metrics would you use to support your answer?
Explain how you would develop an advertising/marketing communications budget? Do the answers to the preceding questions differ between B2B and B2C markets?
RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS: Discuss ethical issues of marketing communications and in particular advertising to children, and marketing or advertising products such as tobacco or alcohol products to inappropriate customers/consumers. Also consider what to do, if anything, about other products that are definitely legal, such as fatty products, but seemingly have a deleterious impact on consumers. Explain what you would personally do if you were employed by an organization that marketed such goods and services.
Discuss in terms of how Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn might be used for product marketing communication purposes by B2B as well as B2C businesses.
Product/Organization Discussion
Bank Of America Erica (AI Technology)
Is advertising an effective communication mechanism for the product you selected? How do you know? What are the metrics for determining its effectiveness in your selected industry?
How should you budget for advertising for such a product?
What other marketing communications mechanisms are appropriate to your selected product? Why are these appropriate?
What ethical issues are created by the marketing communications of the product that you selected? Are these issues considered or taken seriously?

Erica – Bank of America