Read the following in your Environmental Health text:

Chapter 1, “Environmental Principles and Ecology” pages 1–21. This chapter provides an introduction to the structure of the earth, fundamentals of ecology and ecosystems, and biogeochemical cycles. The information in this chapter will help you evaluate the impact humans make on the environment.
Chapter 2, “Humans and Global Issues” pages 22–33. This chapter provides an introduction to environmental issues of global concern and describes how and why global collaboration is necessary to solve these problems.
Read the following article in the Capella library:

Pyhtila, H. (2008). “Plastics, Pesticides, and Pills Are Contaminating Our Drinking Supply” from Earth Island Journal, volume 23, issue 3, pages 45–48. This article exposes a specific issue of global concern by describing the impact of humans on water quality. It provides a suggestion for reducing impact on the environment and for protecting personal health.
In a 1–2 page Word document, define in your own words the term environmental health. Explain why environmental health is a global concern. Also explain how it is an individual concern.

This paper should demonstrate your understanding of the following:

The term environmental health.
Why environmental health is an individual concern.
Why environmental health is a global concern.

Environmental Health