Enculturation and the Family Unit

Enculturation or socialization is known as the learned accepted social values and activities in his or her culture. These learned social values and activities are learned at birth. Later the values become learned through thoughts and actions of the society that one live and work. As these social values are learned and become accepted, as it relates to the funeral rites and death, those cultural traits become a part of the individual.

The family unit is very important. Death can have a big impact on the family unit causing it to become unbalanced. During arrangements it is the goal of the funeral director to meet the needs of the family. The Funeral Director must understand the role the decease had in the family unit. Understanding the role will assist the director on how to help the family plan for their loved one’s funeral.

For this week’s discussion, explain why it is important to understand the role of the decease, and the impact of their role can have on the final arrangements. How can the family’s learned social values impact the funeral arrangements? As a funeral director, how can your social values affect the funeral arrangements?

We all know someone that have lived or still is alive that have passed the age of 70 years. As we look at the aged population in today’s society, we find that there is a greater life expectancy for the aged. Why do you think this is? Do to the longevity of long lifespan among Americans, there is a possibility in pressures to the implications of rising costs of medical, securing retirement, out living term life insurance, and even the negative impact that this can have on the funeral service industry in its selection of services provided.

For this forum, you are to discuss the impact of greater life expectancy on society and on the funeral industry. In addition to your response, you are to find an article or video on greater life expectancy as it relates to your forum response. Please upload either your chosen article or video so others can view and comment on. Please make sure that you respond in depth requiring the minimum of two paragraphs for initial responses.

Enculturation and the Family