Academic Level : Bachelor
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Do additional research of the gods here seeing, gods introduced of the gods in the form of attributes of the image, do additional a bit of research of the gods, Not all might not be shown in the manuscript and see which ones you can identify and narrative being played out.

For example, Anbus appears in the composition and researches what modifications you see. Orsis is shown please give the full image caption and the source where you got the illustration from showen for option 1 that you see thus,this is a research paper/report paper so you are aware.

Regarding the formal presentation of the event either good or bad?. and the narrative seen after you figure out where and what you think the narrative starts and where do you go from there as an implied movement and line of sight of formal analysis, all of that sends the viewer to the right section from the left section of how Osris is seated as the bigger image.

Applied movement and pass by strong horizontal elements and the structure of the apparatus you see at the center next to Anubis and the contribution of Orsis like he’s overseeing the event we are looking at. We start at the right and movement pushes us to the lift orsis is so big and orindaints all these big elements of Osiris and a big vertical axis from the left.

Diagnosis attributes imply above the Gods of the repeated repetition above the gods and asense of a mass of gods identify the figure on the far right side and then you can figure out optical movement of the event overall is the artist suggesting if it ends well or poorly with the image shown you might have to do additional research to determine and cite.

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