Require to write a professional report as if it was to be submitted to their organization. The report will detail the E-Government Project chosen by the student and present recommendations to the leadership of the organization. The following format is suggested as guidance for the report:

Background: Explain the background of the project (organizational setting, work environment, service to be delivered, problem to be solved, the people involved)

Objective: Describe the purpose of the project (goals and objectives)

Strategy: Provide details of a proposed solution (people, process, technology)

Outcomes: Identify the expected results of the E-Government project (benefits to organization and to citizens, impact on accountability, transparency, efficiency, participation, equity)

Evaluation: Describe how to evaluate and demonstrate success (measures, data, analysis)

Conclusion: Discuss lessons learnt from this E-Government project

The written report will be due on the last day of the class. The length of the report should be between 5-10 pages, Figures and References are not counted in the page count.