Part One (80 points)
Plan a six-week discipleship course on worship for your church. This course should be designed to help youth, college students, or adults (choose one) to discover the meaning of worship. Each lesson should be 60 minutes in length. You may use resources such as class notes, textbooks, etc. This worship course should be one that you design. It should not look like a copy of this class or any other source. Let your worship course be based in the Scriptures.
In your paper:
1. Give an introduction of your worship study. Please state what age group you are targeting for this study.
2. In each lesson give:
* Title of the lesson
* Scripture reference(s)
* A brief outline of each lesson (3 or more points you will discuss)
3. At the end of your six-week outline, list what resources you will use to prepare to teach this class and any resources you might use in the class.

Part Two (20 points)
Prepare a two-page essay focused on how your thoughts on worship have matured this semester. If you were the worship leader at your church, what three or four principles will influence you as plan and lead worship in your church?

Discipleship Service for Church