First, you have to read the attached essay and understand it very well. Then You are asked to develop an intellectual argument following a dialog format. Each voice must be represented, but there’s a caveat. At the conclusion of the back and forth argument with ample evidence, Elon asks how do you implement these perspectives. At that point, you look towards the punctuated socio-technical change model to support your discussion. You even go as far as to draw a picture of how these theories can be operationalized. Notes: This is a dialog style essay question and you need to make your dialog compelling and ensure that it is well-written and supported with facts. You need to argue the position of each scholar as if you were that person and insert yourself and thoughts into the discussion with the hope of meeting two of the most influential CEOs in the world. Once the CEOs arrive you offer advice and what type of strategy they should use but note that they are not easily impressed and have a tendency to argue. I attached Sample dialog conversation, please read it. I want great work. let me know if you have any questions.