As we move through the book, Symptoms of Being Human, we get to know Riley, the main protagonist. Riley exists in a gender fluid body; one moment he may identify as male, but at another moment he may identify more as female; then again, he may shift back and forth. Riley’s gender identification is a new issue in a society that has male clothing and female clothing, male toys and female toys, male restrooms and female restrooms. In spite of this, do people truly have one gender identification or is this a projection from society? How much of what we are feeling is from within ourselves and how much in taught to us through social moors? After considering this, type a four page MLA formatted essay that defines “gender” in our society. Be sure to briefly mention the denotative (dictionary’s meaning) definition in the introduction before shifting to the primary connotative (society’s meaning) definition for the essay support. Give examples so that the reader can understand how Americans characterize gender. Also, be sure to add a fifth page to the essay for the works cited page and to proofread! mla format for work cited page.
Definition assignment