You are asked to write an essay to discuss the topic of data mining. Please address each of the following:1.Based on the assigned readings(3 research papers)and textbook, what is data mining? Are the definitions consistent or contradictory?2.Describe the various applications of data mining based on the following perspectives: a. Biomedical Data Mining b. Educational Technology Classroom Research c. Public Internet Data Mining For each perspective, address the benefits, issues, and challenges.

Guidelines1.APA style2.References: make sure you reference all research papers into your essay. You are also expected to reference the course textbook. When you do, indicate page numbers.3.All referenced material must be paraphrased, not quoted. If you need more information on how to paraphrase, refer to the “Avoiding Plagiarism” section of the course website.4.Your essay will have at least 1,000 words excluding references and title page.5.Your essay will be submitted to Since you are not allowed to quote, only paraphrase, your similarity report should be blue or green (see diagram below). Yellow, orange, or red outcome, depending on its severity, may result in a failing grade.6. You will submit one Word document. No other document types will be allowed.Rubric1. 40% Content: Did you answer the questions?2. 30% References: How well did you incorporate references in your essay?3. 30% Writing: Is your document free from spelling and grammatical errors?

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Data Mining