In 1924, Walter P. Chrysler brought forth the Chrysler Six. This was the first of many automobiles to bear the Chrysler name. And so, the birth of what is now the DaimlerChrysler Corporation took place. This organization has a vastly recognized name throughout the automobile industry. In 1998, Chrysler and Diamler Benz agreed to merge creating a new company called DaimlerChrysler Corporation.
Explore the site above as well as recent articles on DiamlerChrysler to develop responses to the following questions.

As the recently merged company across cultures, do you believe the company has adjusted to the change?

What change process may have been used by the two-company management?

Does it appear from the articles and the financial performance of the company that the change has been effectively implemented?

What different strategies or modifications would you suggest? Explain.

No more than three pages.