ay #3 – Causal
Americans are all aware that this year has not been like any other year to date. Schools are still closed, small businesses have failed, and citizens are increasingly depressed. What is causing this upheaval? A little known virus named Covid-19 has swept across the nation, leaving hundreds of thousands of people permanently affected. As a result, health officials the world over have told individuals that they need to sterilize surfaces, stay at least six feet away from others, and to always wear a safety mask in public. Consequently, stores are wiping down, tables are set six feet apart, but citizens are not masking up! In fact, some are going out of the way to flaunt the mask rule. With these actions endangering all of society, not just the perpetrators, examine the reason for this action. Use at least four academic sources to type a four to five page causal essay to help readers understand why American will not wear a mask. Be sure to include in-text citations for all outside information and to add a fifth works cited page. The work cited page must be in MLA format. Also very important! you will need to mention the effects (results) in the introduction and then move on to the cause (reasons) for people choosing not to wear masks. s

covid 19 (casual)