please take in consideration that the account of 1250 words must be counted from the introduction to the conclusion and recommendations. ( it must be following the attached structure of the outlines)
The analyse must use both, PEST and SWOT analysis ( pictures are attached to explain about this point)
The references must use only to support the key methods used in this report
Please just to know that the module that this coursework comes under is ( Business and Risk management). and the course that I am studying is Msc, safety, health and environmental management.
PLEASE this final paper work will be submitted through Turnitin which use to check the PLAGIARISM in the work , so that I need to use the same files name and the same tittle that you give to this when you check the plagiarism percentage of it.
read the attached case study and wright a professional business report of 1250 words as a consultant, advising the company on their options for relocation