In at least 800 words, craft a well-organized essay (with introduction, conclusion, and body paragraphs) answering one of the following prompts. Be sure to build body paragraphs around clear claims and to include textual evidence (quotes and specific examples) in each body paragraph. Submit as word doc (docx).

Fatima Shaik’s “Climbing Monkey Hill” depicts New Orleans at a key moment in the history of the American South, de-segregation. Since her protagonist is a 13 year-old girl, we see the shaping of the racial consciousness of one African-American New Orleanian take place before our eyes. How does the revolutionary racial situation affect Levia emotionally? How does she understand race and racial difference? What lessons does she learn from the turbulent times? Finally, how does the story suggest possibilities for both success and failure of the project to create a racially harmonious, just, and integrated society?

Climbing monkey hill