Paper details  

Post a paragraph (150 words) description of the problem domain you will work on for your final paper, along with three academic references for papers solving problems in the domain.
Domains are Confidentiality, Integrity , Availability
Choose a cybersecurity topic that will state a problem and provide solution. Please come up with a topic for me . You are hypnotizing a solution to a problem ( one use case )

Then do this section below
Paper Sections

1- Title
2- Abstract
3- Introduction
4- Related Research
5- Motivating Example
6- Hypothesis and Empirical Evidence
7- Conclusion and Future Work
8- References

I am including an example there for you to see . Please send two file , one with the 150 words describing the domain, the problem and 3 references . The second file will be the paper sections .

Proposition of topics :
Bot Detection using Network Traffic Analysis
How antimalware software detects and prevents cyberattacks.
Ransomware: its history, impacts, and remedies.
Please feel free to come with your own cybersecurity topic

Paper Format : IEEE Conference Format

choose a topic that is stating a problem and will provide solution in cybersecurity