1) Provide a detailed description of how infants’ motor development changes the way in which infants use touch to explore the world. Be sure to give one or more examples.

2) Discuss the influence of nurture on children’s first spoken words. How might culture affect how quickly children begin to produce words as well as which words children say first?

3) Write a brief article for a parenting magazine discussing infant crying. Your article should provide new parents with information about how much crying they should expect, why infants cry, what the most effective soothing techniques are, and whether and how much they should respond to their infants’ cries. You should also briefly discuss colic, what it is as well as what parents can do if their infant is colicky.

Answer all of these with a 1 paragraph response for each of the 3 questions.
The only source to answer these questions should be the book I attached.

Child Psych