Dominique Leghorn was recently elected to a position as county supervisor in Blackacre County. As part of his campaign, he assured the voters of Blackacre County that he would “crack down on the foul fowl epidemic in Blackacre County.” This campaign pledge was a response to a recent trend where residents of the county are raising chickens in residential areas. In fact, Mr. Leghorn’s neighbor has nearly a dozen chickens in a coop that is placed near Mr. Leghorn’s property line. They do not cause any disturbance, but Mr. Leghorn does not like his neighbor and would like to make his life a bit more difficult. Mr. Leghorn does not think banning chickens outright would be politically wise, but he would like to see some restrictions in place that would limit the amount of chickens that each resident is able to keep. Now that he has been elected, he found the other county supervisors are also in favor of chicken restrictions in Blackacre County, especially if loud roosters are prohibited.
1) In an opinion letter or objective memorandum, locate and provided community responses (using blog, news articles, etc.) to see how communities have responded to other chicken legislation.
2) Find two examples of model codes (city/county codes from any state) that he can use as an example to draft his own chicken legislation. Provide the language of the model code.
Chicken Ban